Harry Potter Universe

Carpe Retractum
Creo Aurum
Daily Prophet: Fear of the Dark
Drink of Despair
Hogwarts. Phoenix Lament
Hogwarts and the Game with the Death
HP Luminary
HP: Hidden Swimming Pool
Imperium Aeternum
Marauders: Royal Flush
Marauders. Via Dolorosa
Marauder's Map: What You Always Wanted to Know About 1976
The Green Door: Hogwarts 1976
The Marauders Chronicles

Other Magic Universes

Тибидохс: Противостояние

Mystic Universes

Faraday Shield
Jus sanguinis
Sacra Terra: the descent tempts
The Cursed Creatures
WoD: Blood of the South
|Самая Сверхъестественная Ролевая Игра|

Superhero Universes

DC: Rebirth
Loki's Army
Marvel: All-New

Fairytale Universes

Dorton. Dragon Dawn
Game of Thrones. From the Very Beginning
Once Upon a Time: The Magic of the North
Once Upon a Time - Untold Stories

Real life Universes

Green Woods New York

Cross Universes


Other Universes

Doctor Who: Night Terror
Helm. The Crimson Dawn
Inverted Paradise
Saints International Falls
Академия Фейблтауна
Древний мир героев и богов
Космический ветер