Хронология основных событий

The only way to change the world: forward to the past! [2023, October]
There's no time to explain! [1998, May]
Always have an escape plan © [1998, May]
Who do you need when you come undone © [1981, October]
Take off your clothes and enjoy your pain © [1981, November]
Slow down [1981, October]
What could go wrong? [1981, October]
Truth is stranger than fiction © [1981, November]
Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs © [1981, November]
I am not in danger, I am the danger! © [1981, November]
Some secrets should stay hidden [1981, November]
Howling in the dark © [1981, November]
Caught between two fires [1981, November]
This world has gone mad... [1981, November]
Just what we need [1981, November]
I did not expect to meet you here (с) [1981, November]
You are not alone anymore [1981, November]
Trust no one, not even yourself © [1981, November]
No man is an island © [1981, November]
Tale as old as time © [1981, November]
Misery loves company © [1981, November]

The ends justify the means © [1996, June]
We can take what was wrong to make it right [1979, July]